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Laser Therapy- Soft Tissue Management

Laser Dental Therapy in Naperville

Soft Tissue Management

Laser Periodontal Therapy

New research developments have made it possible to treat gum disease and periodontitis with laser therapy, known as laser periodontal therapy (LPT). Over 50 percent of Americans have periodontal disease, a condition that starts with bacterial colonization around the teeth. Older surgical treatments such as root-planing and scraping, along with gingival curettage surgery, will generally require sutures and a general anesthetic. Soft tissue procedures around the gums can be completed without anesthesia for patient ease and comfort.  This allows us to treat moderate periodontal (gum) disease non-surgically.

Aphthous Ulcer/Cold Sore Treatment

Aphthous ulcers and cold sores look similar in nature. They are small painful lesions or sores around the mouth and lips, and can appear for any number of reasons, including trauma to the area, stress, illness, fatigue, or hormonal changes. Although research does not point to a clear culprit, relief in the form of  laser therapy is available. Studies have shown that laser therapy will immediately relieve pain caused by these irritating mouth blisters and speed the healing process considerably. One of our qualified RiverWalk Family Dental doctors will focus the laser on the affected area during the treatment, reducing pain and preparing the lesion for healing. Not only will the sore clear up in three to four days — much faster than the estimated 14 days for traditional treatment — but research has shown in the past that no other canker sores will ever appear in that spot again.

Implant Placement

If you are missing teeth and would like to replace them with fully functional dental implants, your surgical procedure will be vastly improved by the use of our laser. The laser is used to create a socket in the tissue so that the implant post can be placed and bone tissue can grow in to surround the new implant.

Gum Recontouring, Lip Repositioning, and Frenectomies are all wonderful opportunities to benefit from laser therapy.

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